Janelle Jones
Janelle Jones

Janelle JONES

Actress | Model


Janelle is an actress whose interest in the arts started at an early age.

Throughout her childhood, she participated in various church plays, drama camps and small film productions. Although naturally shy, she would always find a way to be the center of attention when in front of friends and family.

As she got older, her interests began to expand to sports. In high school she competed in volleyball, basketball, powerlifting and track & field. However, she still maintained her passion for the arts and made sure to incorporate both drama and ballet classes throughout her high school studies. Janelle excelled so well in both her academics and sports that she received an academic and athletic scholarship in track from one of the top HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) in the country.

After college, Janelle began to miss the excitement that acting and performing gave her. She began attending professional acting classes and improv clubs to begin perfecting her craft.

Now, Janelle is in her professional career as an actress, seeking opportunities that will allow her to challenge the depth she is willing to take to embody a role.


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